Celestion FTX1225 Co-axial full range

Celestion's FTX series common motor co-axials offer significant advantages over conventional 2 way designs as well as over other co-axial drivers whilst retaining the improved off axis response expected in a co-axial system.

Some co-axial systems mount a separate HF unit in front of the LF cone which causes "shading' of midrange output as well as reflections back onto the cone.  Other designs place a compression driver behind the main magnet assembly and use the LF cone as a conical horn thereby eliminating the shading and reflection problems of the simple co-ax system.  Celestion have taken this one step further by utilising the main LF magnet to drive the compression driver diaphragm as well as the LF system which ensures accurate time alignment across the frequency range.
The FTX1225 is typical of the series and offers the following features
A lightweight, robust cast chassis designed to minimise reflection back to the cone to reduce acoustic distortion.
Demodulation rings reduce distortion whilst increasing bandwidth and power handling.
FEA optimised magnet topology ensures even distribution of magnet flux in the air gap.
"Sound Castle" clamping of the HF diaphragm decreases distortion and improves reliability.
Edge wound voice coils on both the LF and HF components.

General Specifications
Nominal Diameter               12", 305mm
Magnet assembly                Ferrite
LF Cone material                 Kevlar loaded paper                   HF Diaphragm material   Polyimide
LF Voice Coil Diam              2.5", 64mm                                 HF Voice Coil diameter    1.75", 45mm
LF Power Handling              300W AES - 600W continuous   HF Power Handlimg        60W AES - 120W continuous
LF Sensitivity                        97dB
Frequency Range                50-20,000 Hz
XMAX                                  4 mm
Qts                                       0.382

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  • Model: FTX1225
  • Manufacturer: Celestion

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