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  • Celestion Alnico Ruby guitar speaker, 8 Ohm (Alnico Ruby 8 Ohm)
    The Ruby is an alnico-magnet guitar speaker that’s purpose-built to create vintage tones – and at 35-watts power handling, it’s ideal for use with mid-powered amps and combos. Bringing the instantly familiar Celestion alnico vibe with its glorious, dampened attack; the Ruby oozes a richly musical vintage warmth, with mellow highs and a smooth, sophisticated midrange.

    Nominal dia.        12 inch, 305 mm
    Power rating        35 Watt RMS
    Impedance           8 Ohm
    Sensitivity            100 dB
    Frequency range  75-5,000 Hz
    Voice coil dia.       1.75", 44.5 mm
    Magnet Type        Alnico
    Unit Weight          9.3 lb, 4.2 Kg

    UK Manufacture

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  • Pedal Train Novo 32 pedalboard with tour case (PT-N32-TC)
    The Novo series is Pedaltrain’s new five-rail pedal board system. Novo means “a new beginning” in Latin. Pedaltrain’s new Novo Series is exactly that, a fresh redesign of their market-leading pedal board design. Thanks to Pedaltrain’s new modified rail system and open front design, mounting pedals and power supplies is easier than ever.  Even the smallest pedals make an incredibly strong bond with this new pedal board design. Novo 32’s five-rail design is perfect for players who use true-bypass switchers or need an extra rail to accommodate a variety of pedal configurations.Included with purchase is 120” of Pedaltrain’s professional grade hook-and-loop pedal fastener and plenty of zip ties for securing cables.

    Pedaltrain’s new one-size-fits-all power supply mounting brackets (not included) are available for purchase as needed. (Voodoo Lab Mounting Kit: PT-VDL-MK; Universal Mounting Kit: PT-UNI-MK).
    32x14.5x3.5 inches (812x368x89 mm)
    Featherweight, aircraft grade aluminum
    6.4 lbs. (2.9 kg)

    120 inches (305 cm) Pedaltrain’s professional grade adhesive backed hook-and-loop for securing pedals
    Assortment of zip ties for organizing and securing cables
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  • Strymon Iridium Amp/Cab Simulation (Iridium)

    Direct Tone That Inspires

    Iconic Amplifiers, Nine Stereo IR Cabs and Room Ambiance.

    Go Direct With Gorgeous Tone

    Iridium gives you three iconic amplifiers, with a total of nine impulse response speaker cabinets that complement the tonality of the amp. Skip the hassle of lugging around or miking amps. Place Iridium on your pedalboard and send gorgeous stereo amplifier tones, stunningly realistic cabs, and lush room ambience direct to a recording interface or PA system. With Iridium, it’s a snap to dial in a direct tone that will truly inspire and sound great whether you are monitoring through in-ears, floor wedges, reference monitors, or studio headphones.

    Round Amp- based on a Fender Deluxe Reverb

    The Deluxe is one of the most recorded amps in history for a good reason. This amp is clean, bright and mid-scooped with good headroom.  We chose the Deluxe "normal" channel for it's round tone that plays well with pedals + we added a midrange control that lets you go for a more mid scooped sound through to tweed era tones.

    Chime Amp - based on the "Brilliant" channel of a Vox AC30TB.

    The classic sound of the British Invasion  The "Middle" knob acts as a Tone Cut providing high end roll off just before the valves as per the original AC30 design.

    Punch Amp - based on the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959.

    Meatier, high gain, tone with strong midrange and a buttery smooth overdrive.  Higher drive settings will give all the high gain distortion and growl of the original with even more gain on tap.

    Stunningly realistic cabs built in
    Built in as standard are the following cab IRs:-
    Deluxe Reverb 1 x 12 open back with Fender CTS speaker
    Blues Junior 1 x 12 with Jensen C12N speaker
    Vibrolux 2 x 10 with Jensen C10NS speakers
    AC30 2 x 12 with 2 x Celestion Alnico Blues
    Celestion closed back 1 x 12 Alnico Blue
    Mesa 4x12 with 2 x Celestion Black Shadow and 2 x EV Black Shadow speakers
    GNR 4x12 1971 Marshall with Celestion G12M Greenbacks
    Celestion Vintage 30 2 x 12 open back 
    Marshall 8x12 with Celestion T652 Alnico speakers


    Load your own IRs from Celestion, Valhallir, OwnHammer and more with the Strymon Impulse Manager software.

    Designed and manufactured in the USA
    11.4 x 110.2 x 4.4 mm
    Power supply included

    Detailed Info

    Also check out the Celestion F12-X200, the speaker designed for for modelling and amp simulation guitar use live on stage. 

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